A look backwards
Thanks to the pioneers of the Gotthard Andermatt Ski Club (SC Gotthard Andermatt) we became one of the first organized ski school in Switzerland.

The Gotthard Andermatt Ski Club realized very early on that their guests needed support. The Urschner ski pioneers hired four instructors from the far North. In 1904 this Norwegian quartet offered for the first time a ski instructor course and laid the basis for the ski school. In 1909, on the occasion of the first ski instructors' course in Andermatt, the government agreed to a binding regulative tariff. Skiing attracted increasing attention and this is reflected in the number of qualified ski instructors in Andermatt. In 1919/20 there were 12 ski instructors and by 1928/29 some 35 instructors were available to the guests.

Andermatt has always had innovative ski instructors; in 1926 one of these august ski instructors and mountain guides provided ski instruction on artificially produced snow in London and during the years 1968/72 two instructors qualified as members of the Swiss-Demo team. For the ski instructor course the school was often able to delegate members as qualified trainers. Today the school is still very active and employs highly motivated ski instructors and always endeavors to serve its guests, whether adult or child, to their fullest expectations.