The meeting point for group courses is behind the Gütsch-Express valley station. Alternative meeting points can also be arranged for private lessons.

Basically, the earlier the better! Certain times or weeks can be booked up quickly. However, depending on availability, short-term bookings are also possible. You can make the reservation not only at our office, this is also possible by phone, e-mail or up to 2 days in advance in our online shop.

We recommend that you make a reservation through our online store or by email. In the high season it can happen that the group courses are fully booked. Online booking is possible until 3 days before the course starts.

In principle, you can specify a teacher request to us. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your request for group courses!

We offer ski group courses for children from the age of three. Experience shows that children under the age of 3 are not yet independent enough to feel comfortable in a group. However, for these children it is possible to book a private instructor for 1 hour. You can also start the first skiing attempts individually with your child in the Matti's Kids Arena on Nätschen.

For the three to six-year-old children we offer 2 hours of group lessons in the morning in the levels Kids Village and Blue Prince.

For children from four years, there is also the full-day group lessons including lunch supervision.

We do not advise this. Parents should inform the ski instructor on the first day if there is something special, for example, if a child has an illness or motor disorders. After this conversation, parents should keep their distance and observe from a distance. Experience shows that it usually works better when the parents are not around. It is also important to prepare the children well for the ski school and explain to them what will be learned there.

The grouping of the children in our ski school, apart from the age, is primarily done according to the skiing ability of the children. So, if your children or your friends' children ski at about the same level, we ask you to make your wish known to the appropriate ski instructors during the placement on the first day, and we will try our best!

Should the children not ski equally well, however, the child who skis better would have to show consideration for the one in the lower group!

Many of our guests are "repeat offenders" - that is, guests who have already been with us several times. The progress is stored digitally in each case. Thus, the guests always know in which level the children are. If it is the first time in a Swiss ski school, the parents can determine the level by watching the videos on our website. On the first day of ski school we also check if the level is correct. If a grouping does not fit, it is of course possible to change the group

In the Blue League courses there are 4 to 10 children per group. In the rest of the courses, we have a guideline of 4 to 12 per teacher. Please note that we may shorten courses or combine levels if the minimum number is not reached. Information about this will be given the day before each course, when the exact time of the participants can be determined.

It is possible to go only one day in the group. However, in order to learn as much as possible, we recommend that you take at least three days. However, our program for the group course is based on the whole week (5 days).

Yes, you can book 1 day first (Monday or Tuesday). You pay the daily rate for it. The course can then be extended to the week. For the booking of further single days we charge an extra fee of 5.00 CHF. The place in the group is guaranteed for the whole week.

Lunch supervision is an integral part of the full-day course. For the half-day course and full-day private lessons for children, lunch can be booked separately in addition.

Our program for the groups is built on one week with ski race and medal ceremony at the end of the week. To pass the level, it makes sense to stay in the course for the whole 5 days. However, it is also possible to attend a course for fewer days.

No. If you extend the course, only the difference of the total course will be added. The course will then cost the same, even if you extend later. However, for single days we take the liberty to charge an additional fee of 5.00 CHF.

In principle, the course starts on Monday. However, it is also possible to join on Tuesdays.

The days must follow each other because the groups continue with the program and learn something new every day. This also strengthens the group spirit. The highlight on Friday is always the ski race.

Basically we recommend you to book one or 2 trial days to keep the "risk" for you as low as possible. You can always extend the course once you know if the children like it. We cannot offer a refund if you do not like it.

Depending on the availability of the teachers, it is also possible to change from group to private lessons.

We offer our group courses in German and English. Depending on availability, French, Italian and Spanish are also possible. In private lessons we also offer Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Norwegian.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, AmericanExpress, Reka-Card, Twint and cash (SFr and Euro).

The ski passes are not included. Children over 6 years old need a ski pass. We recommend to buy the ski tickets online in advance.

Beginners need a lift ticket to Nätschen (Beginners'Park) and back for the first days. The instructor can inform you about the required ski tickets for the following days.

Ski passes can be bought at the ticket offices of the mountain railroads. The ticket offices are located in the train station and the valley station Gemsstock. In the high season it is strongly recommended to buy the ski passes online.

The equipment is not included in the price. This can be rented in the sports stores. Please come to the assembly point in ski equipment.

The ski school itself does not have a ski rental shop. However, there are several sports stores in Andermatt. We work very well with all of them, but there are no special conditions for ski course guests. You can find the addresses of the ski rental shops here.